Retro Dust - Classic Arcade Asteroids Vs Invaders App Reviews

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So far, a pretty good retro game of asteroids

I like the game. I've only played it once, but I like it so far.


Great old school game I play it everyday

Retro coolness!

If you're a fan of Asteroids, then this will fill your old school gaming crave. It's cool, has beautiful visuals, a cool sound track, decent touch controls, fun power-ups and is a great modern take on a classic arcade game. I recommend playing the game on "normal" setting. The default is "easy", which is a bit too easy. Total cool, mellow start to the game and gets harder at a good pace. If you want a longer, easy going gaming session, play on "easy". Whatever way you play, the game looks great, sounds great and is loads of fun!

Retro dust

Really cool! Worth the 99 cents. I love it!

Great game

If you like the game Asteroids,you will love this game.It's basically a remake of Asteroids,but with added Powerups and better graphics.It's awesome.

Game player

This game reminds me of the original game I used to play in the 80's in the arcades. Retro but modern, very cool and a lot of fun. To the creators.. Well done!

Nice but suggestions adapting some changes

Game is FREAKING #%^= AWESOME !!! Music is awesome !!! However upgraded visual theme ... those asteroidical rocks reminds me the good o' morning cereal box of coco puffs? Game fire appears to lag ... Here are another suggestion controls are over lapping really gets annoying visually should move out little more or perhaps play eternal warrior 2 see their joystick concept. I think after its worth putting type V to ur settings console for the suggested control. Then enhance full sceen because those chunkie coco puffs are way out of proportional playability vs manuvering room ... Atari astroid is awesome too just perfectly balanced. ... Thats 0.99 cents of good advise n keep up the awesome coding! :). Game control really lags after level 3 hard to fire compare to level 1. Noticeably after toggling in n out of game brief moment seems to help restoring fire on demand. Invasion really ... I dont see the creativity there thats like eating 10 pcs chicken nuggets with coco puffs on dinner time... Throttle sticks U should avoid asking to write review knowing. Bugs exists in ur conscious put that in to pride before anything... Reviews automatically rewards when consumer knows u did an awesome work that is reputation ...


Best app ever👍 I got to level 6 then died😲 but it was still awesome🔥 Z 😱 Z Z 😌 then I went to sleep good night😃

Excellent game

Controls are kinda quirky, but once you figure out a good setting, then the game plays well. Awesome graphics and sound make this one a keeper. One request, add the option to select between shields or hyperspace (I miss hyperspace) and you have a real gem.

Great game

I think it's a great game. The only thing that's kind of difficult is learning how to master the controls otherwise it's a great game with many different playing options and levels. I'm going to enjoy this game for a long time.

Great game

Try each version of the controls in the settings menu to find out the best option for you. Asteroids clone

Controls are horrible, needs dual stick support to play!

I have no idea how dual stick support to these types of games is missed, it can be an option like all other options, but to be left out completely is a sin! Basically what would make this game playable control wise has been left out, so I can't play something that is hard to control otherwise. Here's to hoping for an update! Update: This developer develops unplayable garbage, DELETED!


The game is awesome but comes with a slight learning curve with the controls. The ships have like a floaty fill to them, like skating on ice. But playing a few times will get you used to the movements.

Classic and fresh

I like this one. It honors the past and feels fresh. I wish it was easier on iPhone though because action is frantic and fingers cover much of the screen. But a great-feeling asteroids arcade game. -DesktopGremlins paper toys

Don't nag for reviews!

You bother me with pop ups over and over to review your game. That's why you get a poor review. Tell all your developer friends to never ever NAG for a review. Or we will all give you and them bad reviews.

Fun game

The games slot of fun


Love the game very nostalgic reminds me of asteroids, Good Job!


Great game! Just like asteroids

Controls are difficult...

I feel the thrust control is too difficult, you zoom off into a meteor everytime...

Awesome game

Great fun, retro action brings back some fun memories. Thanks!

The App Man

Its ok its free

Cool but ditch the IAP

I like it, but I have no clue what Super-Chunk or Survival modes play like, therefore I don't know if I want to pay a dollar to unlock them, also, I see no restore purchase option in the game, so if I buy the expansion on my iPhone would I be able to access the content on my iPad? I think this kind of stuff should just be included in the asking price, raise the whole game a dollar if you need to, its a quality game and worth a few bucks, but IAP always leaves me with a poor taste. -EDIT- Also, I just noticed this game isn't universal, what gives? I've downloaded and enjoyed several of your other games which were all universal, this is the first one I noticed that has a HD counterpart, not cool. All apps should be universal, I think it's insulting to consumers if you think we'll buy the same game twice in order to play on our iPads. I'm definitely not putting money into this game now, I'll stick to Asteroid Dust which is universal.

Great game

Fun game!!!!!!!


The controls are impossible to use! I really enjoy the arcade style games and thought this one wud be really cool, but cud not use the controls...even turning the sensitivity down to lowest setting, my ship just kept flying off the screen and crashing. Adjust the controls of this game and I'd rate it better, but gonna have to delete it, it's just too exhausting trying to control where the ship goes!

Nice take on asteroids!

Pretty fun game. I've tried all the control schemes and the one I've done best on so far is the top right where you tap on the screen to fire, you can just tap quickly on an asteroid and the ship will rotate instantly on it and blow it up. You hold your finger down on where you want the ship to fly to.

Asks to review too soon.

I like it, but it shouldn't ask someone to review after only playing 2 levels.

Great game

After adjusting to certain type of controls you are good to go. I prefer the joy stick over the others.


Needs proper dual stick controls (left stick rotate / move, right stick aim / fire). Too difficult to play otherwise. If the controls are fixed the game has a lot of potential.

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